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The Big Ghost

He is the oldest ghost which also means the he is in charge (no matter what the other ghosts says). He will cut his long hair when he is a grown-up or when he becomes 600 years old. Probably never!


The Little Ghost

Do not let her beauty fool you and you have to be aware of her Italian temperament! For some reason she is the one that gets the most tips after her tour – she refuses to tell us how she is doing it! Would we really want to know…. She can also scare you in Italian.



We are not sure where he is from (don´t even know if he knows). All we know that he landed on our shores in 1764. He is loud, scary. What ever you do – Do not follow him down into the crypt.



If you understand her dialect you will realize how good her tour is. If you don´t,  just smile and what ever you do – Do not get on her wrong side.


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