Dinner Packages

You can be from one person up to a big group if you would like to book our dinner package.

After your walk, when it´s time for you to enjoy the dinner, you will sit together with your own friends (you might sit very close to some other guests that joined the same tour – that could be good if you need someone to talk to after this scary evening).

The dinner package has to be paid in advance.

Reservation and service charges are included in the price (it´s not forbidden to tip the guide or/and the restaurant).

Some menu and price can be changed without notice.

Add 30sek on below prices if you join our Halloween special tour.


Spökvandring Aifur

The restaurant & bar is named after the legendary Viking ship Aifur and the result of 15 years of accumulated knowledge and research about life, food and culture from the year 700 to 1100, merged with skilled and knowledgeable staff.

Plate from Trögden: wild boar sausage, moose sausage, flat-smoked pork, reindeer heart, lamb steak and Cheddar chees
Plate from Stallarholm: homesmoked salmon, butter tossed spinach, herb bulgur with sause from Byzans
Vinlandpie- Chokolatepie filled with salted caramel served with Grapefruitsorbet and berries of the season

Ghost Walk with a 3 course dinner 685SEK/person (drinks are not included)

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Källaren Movitz

Spökvandring Källaren Movitz

1500 century vault that is haunted. We still do not know who or what is down there….

Toast Skagen
Beef tenderloin with mushroom sauce
Chocolate cake

Ghost Walk and a 3 course dinner 595SEK/pers (drinks are not included). Add 250SEK/pers and you have a drink package included (1 aperitif, 2 glasses of the house wine)

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Fem Små Hus

Spökvandring Fem Små Hus

1694 in this house, where the bar is today, was Ms Anna Lindbergs “illegal tavern”. What has happened behind the bar, where the restaurant is today , we are not sure…. It´s up to you to find out 

Classic Toast Skagen with hand pealed shrimps in mayonnaise, horseradish, dill, lemon and bleak roe on toast
Filet of Veal a´la Anna Lindberg with carrot terrine, morel cream sauce and potato gratin
Rhubarb tart with vanilla cream, rhubarb crudité and vanilla ice cream

Ghost Walk with a 3 course dinner 795SEK/person (drinks are not included)

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Spökvandring Gondolen

33 meters above sea level, nothing for people who are afraid of heights. Here you will have a beautiful view over the Old Town and Stockholm.

Menu valid until Aug 22th

Rilette of confited “Bjäre”chicken and Madeira, fried mushrooms, whipped watercress butter and onion
Grilled halibut with oyster- and parsley cream, yellow wax beans, string beans, butter-cooked leeks and lemon vinaigrette
Variation of strawberries with coconut macarons, cream cheese- chiboust and almonds

Ghost Walk and a 3 course dinner 795SEK/pers (drinks are not included). Add 350sek/pers and you have a drink package included (1 glass of Champagne, 2 1/2 glasses of the house wine and coffee)

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Lasse i Gatan

To protect Swedish shipping from pirates, the government gave Lars Gathenhielm permission to seize ships from enemy nations. He had a great deal of success and the volume of hijackings increased. Lars was accused of piracy against Swedish ships, but was protected by the king himself and therefore never punished. Lars died in 1718 at the age of 28, but his wife, Ingela, succeeded him as head of the piratical empire he had created. Join Lars and Ingela and celebrate their success as pirates.

The Swedish privateers salmon toast. Scallop with smoked light cured salmon. Served with a small salad and mango pineapple salsa.
Lasses big barbecue. Flank steak on calf, marinated beef, baked chipotle flavored chucksteak. Served with herb baked sweet potatoes, roasted Amandine potatoes, tomato, asparagus and bean salsa. Selection of our sauces.
The garden of Hagas warm apple tarte. Warm apple cake with cinnamon & vanilla

Ghost Walk with a 3 course dinner 750SEK/person (drinks are not included)

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O´Learys Gamla Stan

Spökvandring O´Learys Gamla Stan

This is not a restaurant for you who think it´s scary with sports.
1813 here was a restaurant called Källaren Hoppet and after that it was named Bacchi Wapen (named after Bacchus, the god of wine). Todays owner wants all the guests who loves sports, food and drinks to have a great time.

5 Chicken wings (choose between 5 flavors)
Boston Celtic BBQ cheesburger with double cheese
Ice Cream and Sorbet

Ghost Walk and a 3 course dinner 560SEK/pers (drinks are not included)

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Spökvandring Aifur

1642 this was a pharmacy and down in their basement they had  a leech farm. They used this leeches for bloodletting to get the illness out of the patients bodies. They say that there are still a poor patient in the basement waiting to get well….. 

Toast Skagen
Grilled beef tenderloin with mushrooms, chipotle béarnaise sauce and potato galette
Crème Brûlée

Ghost Walk with a 3 course dinner 595SEK/pers (drinks are not included). Add 250SEK/pers and you have a drink package included (1 aperitif, 2 glasses of the house wine)

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