Dinner Packages

You can be from one person up to a big group if you would like to book our dinner package.

After your walk, when it´s time for you to enjoy the dinner, you will sit together with your own friends (you might sit very close to some other guests that joined the same tour – that could be good if you need someone to talk to after this scary evening).

The dinner package has to be paid in advance.

Reservation and service charges are included in the price (it´s not forbidden to tip the guide or/and the restaurant).

Some menu and price can be changed without notice.

Sten Sture
(also see campaign)

Spökmiddag Café Sten Sture

The premises have been used as a monastery until Gustav Vasa’s time. Later, its vault was a dungeon and in 1792, the infamous royal assassin Anckarström was detained here. During the First World War, the premises were used as warehouses for the royal soldiers. There have been secret passages from here to both the Great Church and the Palace. What if the walls could talk, or can they ???

Deer Rydberg
Diced potatoes, sautéed onions, horseradish cream, egg, game sauce
Apple pie with custard sauce

Ghost Walk with a 2 course dinner 630SEK/person (drinks are not included)

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Aifur (closed Sundays)

Spökvandring Aifur

The restaurant & bar is named after the legendary Viking ship Aifur and the result of 15 years of accumulated knowledge and research about life, food and culture from the year 700 to 1100, merged with skilled and knowledgeable staff.

Plate from Trögden: wild boar sausage, moose sausage, flat-smoked pork, reindeer heart, lamb steak and Cheddar cheese
Plate from Stallarholm: home smoked salmon, butter tossed spinach, herb bulgur with sauce from Byzans
Vinlandpie- Chocolatepie filled with salted caramel served with Grapefruitsorbet and berries of the season

Ghost Walk with a 3 course dinner 855SEK/person (drinks are not included)

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Källaren Movitz
(also see campaign)

Spökvandring Källaren Movitz

1500 century vault that is haunted. We still do not know who or what is down there….

Toast Skagen
Beef tenderloin with mushroom sauce
Chocolate cake

Ghost Walk and a 3 course dinner 675SEK/pers (drinks are not included). Add 210SEK/pers and you have a drink package included (1 aperitif, 1 glass of the house wine)

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