Our Events

Book a private Ghost Guide

Book your own guide (or guides) for an historical ghost tour in the old town, on Södermalm or the island Riddarholmen.
We can also come to your birthday, grand opening, mingle party or hen party and tell you stories about our scary and gruesome history.

Psychic – a show with mysterious experiences

Psychic is a 50 minute interactive show in which the audience, along with the host, will explore the extraordinary capabilities of the human mind in the most entertaining and unforgettable way. Expect mind reading, telepathy, demonstrations of intuition, spirit communication and more.
A unique blend of ancient secrets and modern psychology are brought to life as the evening is guided by one of Europe’s leading mystery artists.

Murder on the Menu
(start 2019, more info will come)

Join us on a murder mystery night. During a 3 course dinner you have to solve a murder. Who did it, why and how?
You will work in small groups and the group who solves the mystery first wins a price.

Murder On Board

Same as Murder on the Menu but this time you will be out on the sea.

Ghost Walk and wine tasting

Combine an historical ghost walk with wine tasting in the German church old tomb.

Children´s birthday party

Why not scare your children with a 60 minutes historical ghost tour?