Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there other ghost tours in Stockholm?

Not that we know of. There are tours, but no one like ours – we are the Original Stockholm Ghost Walk and Historical Tour!

2. Where does the walk start?

We start from Järntorget 84  in Old Town and from Mosebacke Torg 3 on Södermalm.

3. What happens if it rains?

You get wet! So bring an umbrella and a rain coat.

4. How long does the walk last?

Approximately 90 minutes

5. Is it all outdoors?

Yes, so make sure that you are wrapped up warm and have comfortable shoes. If we have the time and the opportunity, we will try to take you into a haunted building.

6. Do you sell Gift Certificates?

Yes we do. We sell two types of Gift Certificates. For just the walk or a walk and dinner package.

7. What languages do your guides speak?

We have Swedish and English speaking guides.

8. What size groups can you take?

Our walks comes in all shapes and sizes. We have a maximum of 45 guests per guide.

9. Which restaurants do you have deals with?

Eriks Gondolen, Movitz, Engelen, Aifur, Fem Små Hus, Tre Valv, Gyldene Freden.

10. Are you able to take a car into Gamla Stan?

No unless you enjoy been stuck in traffic while looking for a non existing parking spot.

11. Is the walk suitable for kids?

Children are welcome but we do advise Parental Discretion. Do remember that the walk takes 90 minutes and contains gruesome moments peppered with some adult language.

12. Is there a restroom during the tour?

No, but why don´t  you ask the guide if you can use his bag…. It is a tour in a medieval town – What do you think?

13. Is the walk suitable for adults?

Absolutely, although be aware that the certain portions of the walk can be quite gruesome and the guide might have a sick sense of humor.

14. Is the walk wheelchair/pushchair accessible?

Yes and no. Of course, if you have arms like a wrestler then it should be OK but bear in mind that the Old Town is filled with cobblestones, tiny alleyways, staircases and steep slopes.

15. If we arrive late to the starting point, can we join anyway?

Of course! IF you find the guide…. If you are late for a flight or a train – will go on that trip?

16. If you are not sober, is it a good idea to join the tour?

Very bad idea! You will probably annoy  the other guests and the guide, you have to find a non-existent toilet and after that you will not find the group again. Hey, if you are drunk, don´t bother joining the tour. Go to a nice bar in Gamla Stan and wait for your friends there until the tour is over.

17. How do I pay for the tour?

If you only take the tour you can pay cash directly to the guide or prepay with PayPal. If you book with the dinner package we will send you a PayPal payment link to your mail address. If you are a company we can send you an invoice (only to a Swedish address) with 10 days payment (send us a correct invoice address when you do the reservation). If you don´t have an address in Sweden or if you can´t pay within 10 days you can prepay with a credit card.
We don´t accept credit card at the start of the tour.

18. Can you be offended by the tour?

Probably! If you are male/female, a child, a dog, an American, Norwegian (or any other nationality), you´re royalty, tall, short, fat, slim, young, old, blond, dark, nice, evil or something else, you might hear a word that you don´t like. Why not just join the tour and enjoy the event – have fun.