Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there other ghost tours in Stockholm?

Not that we are aware of. There are walks, but none like ours. We are the Original Stockholm Ghost Walk and Historical Tour!

2. Where is the start point for the Stockholm Ghost Walk?

The Old Town tour begins at  Järntorget 84 . The Södermalm tour begins at   Mosebacke Torg 3.

3. What is the price of Stockholm´s best ghost tour?

Click here for pricing of just the walk or here for dinner packages.

4. What happens if it rains?

Then you´ll get wet! So bring your raincoats and umbrellas.

5. How long does the walk last?

Approximately 90 minutes (most likely a few minutes longer). If you make dinner reservations yourselves, as opposed to booking one of our dinner packages, make sure to do so with a margin to avoid feeling stressed throughout the walk. The distance of the walk is between 1,2 – 2 km.

6. Is the ghost walk outdoors?

Yes, so dress for the weather and wear comfortable shoes. Given the time and opportunity we will bring you into a haunted building as well.

7. Can I purchase gift cards for the ghost walks?

Of course. We sell gift cards for both ghost walks and combined ghost walk with dinner. Our gift cards are valid for 1 year upon issue.

8. Are the tour conducted in several languages?

We currently have English and Swedish speaking guides.

9. What group size can you accept?

We accept a maximum of 45 guests per guide but as we are multiple guides we can accept several groups simultaneously.

10. What if there is just a few souls booked on the tour (almost never happens)?

If the total is under 6 souls booked, the tour might unfortunately be canceled. Paid spots will of course be refunded.

11. Which restaurants do you have deals with?

We have deals with Eriks Gondolen, Movitz, Fem Små Hus, Aifur, Engelen, O´Learys and Tre Valv – the choice is yours.

12. Am I being clever bringing the car to Gamla Stan or Södermalm?

Yes, if you fancy getting stuck in Stockholm traffic circling Gamla Stan 62 times searching for a non-existent parking spot. In Södermalm the chances are slightly better for finding parking spots but the odds are still fairly low.

13. Are the walks suitable for Children?

Absolutely, but we do advise parental discretion as certain elements can be scary for younger children and as we will be walking for approximately 90 minutes. We will be talking about the history of Stockholm and our stories can contain adult language. Bear in mind that our guides are no babysitters and that fellow guests might not be as impressed by your cute little monsters as you are.

14. Is the walk suitable for adults?

Hell yeah! Be aware that certain portions of the walk can be quite gruesome and that the guide might have a sick sense of humour.

15. This sounds like a lot of fun – is it suitable for school classes?

It is fun, if you enjoy history. We are NOT like theme park haunted house attractions. We have no extras doing jump scares along the way etc. Our walk is 80% gruesome Stockholm history. Before making a reservation ’sell’ the walk to the youths as a historical walk. Bear in mind that the students, not merely the teachers, should enjoy the tour. Some groups of young people need to be escorted by several adults to keep them in check (some may find their phones to be more interesting, some may need to run off and use a restroom whilst others may not dare to come along the whole way). Please be aware that the guides want to do their jobs in the best possible way and that those responsible for the children/youths are the accompanying teachers and adults.

16. Do you have discounts – such as group or student discounts?

Want discounts? Go to Lidl.

17. We are a group of people wanting to do a tour with you – Stockholm´s most popular ghost tour – can we arrange a drinking stop in the middle of the walk?

If walking with other guests this will be difficult to arrange. You may enquire with the rest of the group if they would like for you to buy them a round of drinks at the expense of making the tour about 30 min shorter. Anything is possible. You may schedule a private guide and plan a stop. Bear in mind that our guides are some drinkers and that this will likely be an expensive affair, as you will have to provide the guide with drinks. We do not recommend making a stop in the middle of the walk. It draws away a lot of time from the walk itself and you may lose the immersive feel and tempo of the experience. We suggest you do your drink-intake after the walk.

18. Will we have access to restrooms throughout the walk?

No, but do enquire if you can pee in the guide’s bag. It is a tour in a medieval town – what do you think?

19. Is the walk wheelchair/pushchair accessible?

Yes and no. If you have arms like a wrestler then it should be no problem but bear in mind that the Old Town is filled with cobblestone, narrow alleyways, staircases and steep slopes. We may also enter a vault on the ghost walk if time allows it and we may not bring wheelchairs or pushchairs down there.

The Södermalm walks unfortunately cannot be undertaken with wheelchairs, as we will be walking up and down numerous staircases.

20. I have some difficulty walking. Is the walk suitable for me?

Well, we are known for having a fast tempo on our walks and will be walking approximately 1,2 km in 90 min in Gamla Stan and approximately 2 km on Södermalm where the latter mentioned has several staircases. There will be no place to sit and rest during the numerous stops we make. If the guide will have to wait for you to arrive at each pit stop the time won’t be enough to cover all the stories and the guide may even have to remove certain stops to stay within the 90 minutes time frame.

21. If we arrive late, may we still come on the tour?

Of course! That is, if you can find the guide… If you arrive late to a cinema screening, you wouldn’t expect them to pause the film for you.

22. Is it a good idea to join the tour whilst intoxicated?

Very bad idea! You will most likely disrupt the ghost walk and at some point go in search of a non-existent toilet only to be unable to find your way back to the group. You know what – if you are drunk then just don’t bother joining the tour. Seek out your favourite watering hole in Gamla Stan and wait for your friends there until the tour is over.

23. How do I pay for the tour?

If you will be paying for the tour only you can pay cash directly to the guide at the starting point or prepay with PayPal. If you book with the dinner package we will send you a PayPal payment link to your email address. If you are a company we can send you an invoice (only possible with a Swedish address) with payment due within 10 days (please make sure you send us a full and complete invoice address whilst making a reservation). If you don’t have an address in Sweden or if your company is unable to pay within the 10 day limit you can prepay with a credit card (or PayPal). We DO NOT accept credit card at the start of the tour.

24. Can I be offended by the tour?

Possibly! If you are male/female, a child, a dog, an American, Norwegian, royalty, tall, short, fat, slim, young, old, blond haired, dark haired, nice or evil you may hear a word or two you don’t like. Why not just embrace the tour and simply enjoy it.