About Stockholm Ghost Walk

The idea of the Stockholm Ghost Walk company was born when two friends were travelling together overseas. The more they learned about new places, the more they realised that they knew very little about their own home, culture and it’s beginnings.

Delving deep into historical books and texts, we very quickly began to realise that there was more to our little town than meets the eye”. “We began telling these stories to our friends and they became just as fascinated as we were”.

We agreed that when we were in other countries, we felt just like regular tourists and we didn’t learn anything different to the thousands of other tourists that we met each day. So we decided to create a tour unlike any other. We tell people what the travel guides miss out; the myths and legends. We tell people what he travel agencies try to cover up; the medieval murders, the diseases, shady secrets and of course, the ledgends! These are things that history is made of.”

Join the Stockholm Ghost walk for 90 minutes of history and mystery. You will never see Stockholm in the same light again. Explore the dark alleyways, the forgotten courtyards and the cobbled streets of the Old Town.

Peter Segelström
Stockholm Ghost Walk AB

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